Show off your school spirit! 

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Next Gen Custom Apparel & Design as our new uniform provider for ACA polos, jackets, and cardigans.  Parents can come by the school to ensure the necessary size for students to try on the sample polos. Please get in touch with Mrs. Gillard to schedule a time to come in.  *All students will wear the red polo shirts every chapel day.*

Click the "Order Here" link in the blue bar below to visit the ACA online uniform store.


The changes have only been made to the shirts, jackets, hoodies, and cardigans. Pants, shorts, and skirts can be purchased by parents wherever they like.  Examples of approved brand names are French Toast, Lands End, and Children's Place. Other brand names may be worn if they match the color and length stated in the dress code policy.  

Click the order button below to purchase the ACA-approved blue and red plaid skirt.  (Please note this is an optional purchase)





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