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Home and School is equivalent to the public school PTA organization. It is made up of parents, relatives and/or friends of children in the school. There is a core group of people who plan and organize the year's activities, the Home and School Committee. All parents are encouraged to be a part of this committee.

The Home and School Leader is chosen by the church nominating committee and is a voting member of the School Board. He/she is to share the thoughts and concerns of parents.

Home and School sponsors many functions throughout the year. Parental participation is essential to its success.

Home and School meetings are scheduled once a quarter, and usually last no longer than an hour. All parents, students, teachers and friends are encouraged to attend. The more people participating in Home and School the stronger our school will be.

Home and School donates fundraised money as well as time to help defray the cost of special interest projects including but not limited to:  playground equipment, gardening supplies, mulch, field trips and more.  Home and School may also determine to help defray operating expenses on an as-needed basis.  

We are always happy when parents want to join in and help, so get involved!


The goals of the Home and School Association are to promote Christian education and foster a cooperative relationship between the home and the school. The Home and School Association sponsors events that afford opportunity for parents, students and teachers to mingle informally and better gain an appreciation for and understanding of one another.

Go to our calendar to see what programs and events are scheduled.

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